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Get the embed code Nickelback - Dark Horse Album Lyrics1. I'd Come For You Lyrics2. Burn It To The Ground Lyrics4. Something In Your Mouth Nickelback s e x перевод. If Today Was Your Last Day Lyrics7. Just To Get High Lyrics8. Next Go Round Lyrics9. I'll Come For You Lyrics10. Gotta Be Somebody Lyrics11. This is just a preview! Preview the embedded widget Nickelback - Dark Horse Album Lyrics 1. Talk about a story in every song. Love Nickelback and this album!! Best lyrics - clever - heartfelt - funny - meaningful Best rock music - fantastic musicians - skillful guitars and drums and voices Best characters - they're all amazing! HOW MUCH TALENT CAN ONE MAN HAVE - IT'S OBSCENE!! Thanks for nickelback s e x перевод fun and the music Nickelback. Please enable JavaScript to view the.



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